[Main Module] Tardis Node-Red System Control


displays active NodeID
  • each k9node has 2 names or NodeIDs
    • "Generated Name" based on module type and MAC address to create a unique name
      • eg. D1m078598 {WeMos D1 mini module [D1m] + last 6 bytes of MAC address [078598] }
      • internally this is used to uniquely reference the Object
    • "Friendly Name" configured to provide a more readable name
      • this is used in Most Menus
      • this is a property of the Node Object
UI displays data from a single Active k9node
  • pulldown menu from ActiveNode display indicates all active k9nodes
  • Controls Multiple Remote k9node
  • Control Remote k9node Actuators [motors, LEDs, relays]
  • Monitor Remote k9node Sensors [lights, switches, temperature, humidity]
  • Review k9node State properties
  • Review k9node Pin States
  • Configure pins for PWM control
  • displays temperature and analog input voltage
  • set calibration factor for temperature
sends, receives & processes MQTT messages
  • Processes MQTT topic data received from k9node
send commands to k9node
  • change OLED display [status, pin states, message, cycle through all]
  • enable debug mode
  • send node or pin status
  • get analog voltage
  • RESET/reboot k9node

Node-Red Flow

TARDIS Node-RED flow graphic

Browser UI