[Configuration] Tardis Node-Red System Control


Configure or Update a k9node
  • Select Active k9node
  • Set a "Friendly Name" for k9node for easy recognition
  • Configure pins for input/output/pullups
  • Configure pins for PWM [ on/off, duty cycle, frequency]
  • save Selections to a Flow Context
  • configuration is sent on Button press using selections from Flow Context
  • File operations to/from k9node
    • read/write files
    • manipulate Objects in k9node
      • Objects: Node, Pins, Access Point, MQTT, Timers
      • write Object to k9node
      • command k9node to save active Object internally to become active on reboot
      • delete Objects
      • list files on k9node
      • write a payload to k9node
  • Display screen for File Payloads


Browser UI